Welcome to MoreCraft! MoreCraft is a Minecraft data pack that adds many new crafting recipes.

Version: 1.4a

Crafting Recipes

-Chainmail Armor
-Fish Buckets
-Horse Armor
-Name Tags
-Totem of Undying
-Red Sand
-Purpur Blocks
-Shulker Shells
-Music Discs

Cauldron Recipe

Fish Bucket Recipe

Horse Armor Recipe

Elytra Recipe

Name Tag Recipe

Saddle Recipe

Totem of Undying Recipe

Ore Recipes

Red Sand Recipe

Trident Recipe

Purpur Block Recipe

Shulker Shell Recipe

Music Disc Recipe

MoreCraft Addons

MoreCraft Caves and Cliffs Update Features

Crafting Recipes

-Glow Berries
-Glow Ink Sacs
-Copper Ore